years of real managerial experiences from our facilitators & consultants so we provide strategic and practical solutions to clients


of leaders locally and regionally have participated and WOWed as our global programs are proven successful worldwide


of BIG IDEAS based on inspiring consumer trends and well-thought strategic directions


sales from our repeated clients as they applied learnings to actually drive substantial business growth and innovate disruptively

Our Solutions

Consumer Trends Keynote & Innovation Workshop

From inspirational consumer trend keynote to Trend-Driven Innovation (TDI) workshop, all proven global framework to fuel your new S-curve growth

VDO Introduction

Strategic Thinking &
Story Selling Training

A methodology that equips you and your teams with the THINKING skills to break down problems or opportunities, determine the right SOLUTIONS and then put it all back together into a compelling STORY.

Purpose To Impact
Keynote & Workshop

Ready to turn your purpose into solid action plan? Uncover your unique purpose and align your team to live the purpose and bring the real impact

VDO Introduction

Strategic Foresight

Envisioning your company future, crafting strategic gameplan, and propel your next S-curve together with your team efforts

Hosting Annual
Global Trend Summit

In collaboration with TrendWatching and various prestigious partners

Our Clients